hi, I'm CORAL 

The Beginning

I designed my first website with Wix when I was 13 years old. I was a budding entrepreneur and began making and selling loom-knit scarves. I called my business Wrapped In Style, and sold at local craft sales and on Kijiji. The website was a simple portfolio, 99% a Wix template and 1% text I had input myself. The pictures were not mine, the domain name was the default name given to new websites by Wix (something to the effect of coralwillness.wixsite.com/wrappedinstyle), I hadn’t upgraded my subscription so the site displayed Wix ads, and my traffic was likely just myself and my forever supportive grandma. It was a meager representation of the capability of a website, but it was a start. 


Fast forward two years- my high school best friend and running partner and I were scouring the internet for at-home workouts with minimal equipment for teen girls. It was obvious to us that this was a niche barely touched at the time. An idea was born. When I was 15 years old, Tasia and I launched Girls Lift, a Wix website offering workouts, nutrition tips, and motivational images and videos for teen girls like us. Hours and hours were poured into this website, and thanks to our personal trainer/coach/mentor, we landed a presentation at the University of Regina to SPEA (Saskatchewan Physical Education Association). Eventually, our effort dissipated and our enthusiasm went with it, and no changes have been made to the website for 4 years. You can check it out at girlslift.ca, but don’t judge me :) 


Over the next couple of years, the only websites I designed were for school projects- (I definitely thought it was more cool than my teachers and peers did) but websites are a fun and creative way to make a presentation, and I’d recommend it. 


The Development

My dad became increasingly dissatisfied with the design business operating his company website, and so I was hired, the summer after my first year of university, to design CropPro Consulting a brand new website. Check it out here (croppro.ca) and take a guess at how long it took me to design 70 pages. Around 3-4 weeks. An enjoyable 3-4 weeks! Luckily, I was mostly just transferring the information from the old site so it wasn’t a start-from-the-ground-up project. It's been a work in progress ever since, and if there is one thing I can share from my design experience, it's that web design is never "finished." There's always something to update, something that could function better or convert viewers/readers more efficiently or be easier to navigate, etc. Design is like life- we want to happy with where we're at but always looking for how we can be better. 


After finishing the CropPro site, I revamped croprecords.com, and swatmaps.com and icanhelpyourfarm.com were soon added to the list. 


Beginning my second year of university, I became co-chair for Emerging Agriculture, for which I am now president. emergingagriculture.com also needed a facelift, so I completed that, and also redesigned the logo, made several different graphics for flyers and handouts, and even put together the graphic for a roll-up banner stand. 


In the spring of 2017, my mom opened a personal training and yoga studio in Naicam (go Mom!) and I designed her a logo and website to display her services (mindovermatterstudio.ca). 

The Business

I then applied to Wix as a designer, and on January 1, 2018, I was accepted as a Wix Expert to design websites for Wix. If you’re unfamiliar with this set-up, basically people can go on to Wix and send their project to a fixed number of designers. Typically, whoever replies the quickest or delivers the best pitch to the client gets the project! All of my completed websites can be viewed on my Wix Expert portfolio


Since then, I’ve launched my own website! I am very passionate about web and graphic design, and want to put myself out there for web design projects via Wix. Our online identity has become extremely important. How often have you tried to look someone up on Google and can't find them, so you conclude that they don't even exist? Don't be another Invisible Isaac. You're important, your business is important, and you deserve to be seen!


If you’ve read this far, thanks! You’re a champ. 


Check out my design projects or contact me to start the design process today! 

Watch for this logo in the footer of websites I've designed!

© 2018 by Coral Willness