CropRecords is record keeping software for farmers. The app is designed to sync farmers and consultants, making farm management easier for all staff. 

I designed the website for this program, and updated the logo. 


The Independent Consulting Agronomist Network is an organization of agronomists across Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. This website features participating independent consultants so that farmers can find an agronomist nearest them. 

I put together the website and designed the logo. 


Mind Over Matter is a yoga, personal training, and tutoring studio in Naicam, SK. My mom decided to open her doors last year and has been overwhelmed by the response in our little community! 

I designed this website and the logo. 

Inner Glow Healer

Connie Prytula is a medium/intuitive from Wakaw, SK. She was looking for a website so she could market and provide her services online. Using Wix's online booking tool, I put together a website for Connie so her clients can book and pay online! 

I designed a website, logo, and business cards for Connie. 


emerging agriculture

Emerging Agriculture is a non-profit organization promoting innovation in the agricultural industry. A hackathon is held annually in Saskatoon, in which participants compete to design a tech service from the ground up. I am currently president of the organizing group. 

I designed the logo and website for Emerging Ag, as well as this banner graphic and many other advertising graphics. 

CroPPro Consulting

CropPro Consulting specializes in agronomy services for farmers and is the longest serving crop consulting company in Saskatchewan. Their patented SWAT MAPS - Soil, Water And Topography MAPS - are the #1 choice for farmers looking to apply variable rate fertilizer and seed.

Aside from the website, I also make all the videos for CropPro. 


SWAT MAPS is CropPro Consulting's patented mapping process. is a website in which farmers can find a consultant providing this service, and for consultants to learn what SWAT MAPS is and why they would want to offer this service to their customers. 

I designed the website, updated the logo, and made all the videos featured on this site. 

Watch for this logo in the footer of websites I've designed!

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